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Last night I carved out time to take a yoga class….. at my studio!  Or so I thought. You would think I could take all the yoga classes I want right?  WRONG!  Working a full-time job, owning/running a small business, and managing everything else life throws my way, leaves me little time to practice regularly. My intentions are good…but once I get to the studio, I choose administrative, cleaning, or other studio tasks over my mat.

I not only wanted to take class last night, I needed to cross train for a 10-mile race I am running in May, but when I pulled into the parking lot and saw Megatron Computer’s sign,  I remembered that I forgot, that I had to buy a new computer for the studio.  Sigh. Given my compressed schedule, and Megatron’s business hours, it turns out the purchase had to made during class time – sigh!  Another plan to practice on my mat….in my very own studio…..squashed….sigh. BUT…we really need the new PC and Megatron is just downstairs, and there is always tomorrow.

So I decided I would do check in and when class started, run downstairs to make my purchase.  Easy peasy.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum……er… store.  As the students started to flood in, with their hugs, and smiles, and pure joy of being there,  I got caught up in their aura and before you could say, “Bob’s My Uncle” I was changing into my yoga clothes, unrolling my mat, getting my props, squashing in between two of my newest clients…ready to practice… be damned!

And I never looked back.  Ironically, Julia’s class theme was all about slowing down….being present…breathing….and experiencing the moment on our mats….so we can learn how do implement these same strategies in our lives.  The class was unhurried, thoughtful and….as is the way of life and yoga…exactly what I needed…sigh!

I ended up in the very front row and when I sent my hips to sky in my first down-ward dog and looked through my feet, I saw 18 other “me’s” on their mats, learning how to apply their practice to their lives.  Pure and complete bliss…that’s what was waiting for me on my mat last night.  And it was my community that literally swept me up and on to my mat.  SIGH!!

Oh…and as it turns out…Megatron was running late and I got to purchase my new computer!! SIGH!!

How grand is life???


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