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It was an unusually mild, close to 80 degrees, day for March 19 in New England. There I was on my lunchtime walk with a spring in my step, a song in my heart, and a smile on my face.  Seriously…I did!

I had an afternoon meeting with my boss that was sure to be a tough one, and I figured a power walk to clear my mind was just the ticket.

Because it was such a nice day, there were LOTS of people walking in the Industrial Park where I work, and being the happy-go-lucky gal that I am, my urge to smile, wave, and say “hi, great day for walk, isn’t it?” was busting to emerge.

And so, when I spotted my first walker I was all eager to flip the hand up, widen the smile and do my thing. But a funny thing happened; the other walker looked in the opposite direction.  Hmmm, I thought, that’s kind of weird, but perhaps a rare butterfly went zipping past and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

No worries, with this weather, there is bound to be another walker. And sure enough, there was one just up ahead….so shoulders back, head up, smile on, hand ready to flip….and she looks straight ahead…just like there is nobody else on the road.  Huh…..I thought….maybe at that exact moment somebody, out of sight, called her name.  Oh well….still 3 more miles to go.

Next up….two women walking and talking side-by-side, certainly they would look over and say, “hey”…but…nope…never even acknowledged my presence…in fact they stopped talking. Weird, right?   Now I’m thinking….what the heck?  I suppose maybe they were talking about a national secret, but…..I don’t know.  Oh well….2 more miles to go.

Up ahead a runner….cool…they always want to say hi.  It’s a distraction from the pain of their run…I know that’s what I do on my running days.  Ready, set, hand up, smile on….and WHAT?!?  He turned and looked over his shoulder as if he was being chased by the CIA. Sheesh..what gives!

Cut to the chase…pun intended….the entire 3 miles went the same way.  Not one person took the time to wave, smile, look my way, spit, yell….NADA!

And while it’s not the end of the world or even close, it is the first time I have been on a run, walk, or bike ride where at least one other runner, walker, or biker didn’t take the time to say hello.  And I wanted to share the experience.

But, have no fear,  I will still be ready on Wednesday with a smile and wave and this time I plan to shout, “Hello, great day for a walk, huh?”  I don’t mind being the first…do you?


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