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I am training for a 10-mile race being held in Philly on May 5, 2012.  I haven’t run for a year; have all kinds of maladies, hip and knee injury, lower back problems, achille’s heel, left ham string and that’s before I started training.

Then I found out two weeks ago that I need gall bladder surgey!!!  Sheesh!  Luckily I am able to delay the surgery until after the race.  Or…is that lucky??  Time will tell.

I have been following Jeff Galloway’s Couch to 10K program designed to avoid injury. And I have the best trainer/partner in my universe…my husband!  He is just recovering from knee surgery, yep – we are quite the pair, and figured this would help him get back into running slowly.

Jeff’s training approach is to walk/run, which is solid fit to my approach…all except for the running part!  No..seriously, we are two months into the training and are now running more than walking.  We have recently incorporated “long” sessions into our program.  For me that is 4 miles.  I figure for most people 4 miles doesn’t qualify as a “long” session, but believe me it is very looooooong!

My first long session was two weeks ago.  We had been training at the gym on treadmills, but decided to take it outside. So…off we go to a local park; it’s about 45 degrees, cloudy and rainy, there are hills, dogs, kids, people, and it’s a short course so we have to run 4, figure 8’s to complete the distance.  I know, you are envious right?  Who wouldn’t be??

I had already decided the day before that I was going to forsake the walking part and run the 4 miles…just to see what it felt like.  You know, to have an authentic “race-like” experience. Ready…set…GO.  First mile so/so as I find my rhythm.  Second mile it seems to be smoothing out.  Third mile it starts to fall apart…the knee, the hip, the rain, the cold, can’t decide if I am experiencing a stitch or my gall bladder is speaking to me.  MUST FORGE ON…..3.5 miles, all but tripping over dogs, getting grumpy, losing form and breath and pride, but MUST GUT IT OUT. 

And I did….gut it out that is.  Finished my 4 miles. Yay…except, I could barely walk, my time was SUPER slow and I literally crawled up the stairs to my jacuzzi when I got home.  Tired, frustrated, dejected, wondering how the h–l I am EVER going to run SIX MORE MILES on race day.  What was I thinking!!!

As it turns out, I wasn’t thinking and therein was the problem.  Must NOT gut it out.  Should have stuck with walk/run.  I mean….I will probably have to walk/run in the race…since I am really not a trained runner.  So why not get that authentic experience??  I don’t have an answer. It’s funny because I constantly remind my yoga students to modify, adapt, allow and I did just the opposite.

But going with the “you are never to old to learn” adage, I stuck with Jeff’s walk/run training plan the next week and guess what?!?  Go ahead…guess…

YES!!  I finished with smile on my face…no crawling to the jacuzzi, no aches, pains, and dings to my ego.  No dejected, sad little me.  In fact, I ran my best time yet and am actually looking forward to this weekend’s long WALK/run. 

It’s amazing what can happen when you step back and allow the softness to enter and the struggle to exit.

Next up…10K two weeks before the BIG 10 miler with a ChiRunning workshop thrown in for good measure.

Head up, mind open…


2 comments on “MUST GUT IT OUT…

  1. MaggieE
    April 3, 2012

    Great lesson; thanks for sharing. And I know you’ll do it on race day!

    • selfawakeningyogastudio
      April 3, 2012

      Thank you for the confidence. The only that could get in the way is the pesky ol’ gall bladder. BUT I think I can convince my mind it is stitch and “git er done”!

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