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I recently joined my mother, aunt, 4 sisters, son/wife/grandkids, nephew/wife, brother-in-law/his mom – that’s 15 family members (and not even all of us) for a trip to Vegas to celebrate our mother’s 87th birthday at a Nissan Convention. My eldest sister owns a Nissan dealership and our two sons run it for her and they had to be in Vegas, so eldest sister generously paid for all of us to go and celebrate the birthday.

Our geography covers the northeast and Florida; some had been to Vegas, some had not. I was one that had not and I have to be totally honest and tell you, the reader, that I originally said no as I have never had a desire to go to Vegas.  The desert, its heat, gambling, drinking, eating, and lots and lots of people may appeal to some, but not to me. However, the chance to hang with my sisters (all live in Florida) and mom who also lives in Florida, plus my son and grandkids made it very appealing…not to mention the all expenses paid part.

Turns out I had the time of my life!  All of the detractors were there…the desert, its heat, gambling, drinking and lot and lots of people, but my people helped me see it all through wide open eyes.  AND….I even won a few bucks with my 3 sisters; enough to treat our mom to a trip to the Hoover Dam one of the days, and let me tell you….we had a DAM good time.

You know what they say, “When in Rome”..or this case Vegas….so I gambled, drank, met lots and lots of new people, spent 2.5 days at the pool and never looked back.  The days were long, the nights were longer, and I loved every single minute of it.

We walked in and out of the fabulous hotels and shops and experienced the unbelievable beauty and opulence of the “City of Sin’.

Took a trip to the Hoover Dam with 2 sisters, granddaughter, mom, nephew/niece.  I was completely amazed at what my eyes could see, what my mind could understand, but also what my heart could feel once I learned about what the people of our country came together to do!

Saw the “O” show at the Bellagio Hotel….one of the most famous and popular Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas.  It was phenomenal…absolutely one of the most exciting shows I have ever seen.

Ate at Bartolotta Restaurant at the Wynn Hotel – a unique dining experience.

Stayed at the Aria Hotel…the newest, largest, and tallest in City Center – known as “the most technologically advanced hotel ever built” because of its ability to reduce energy consumption, in spite of its size.

But it was FAMILY that made the experience.  FAMILY that made and will preserve the memories, and FAMILY that made it all happen. Bowing to my family and loving them to bits and pieces!

The Griswold’s would be proud!

Generations – great grandmother and great granddaughter at the Hoover Dam

Under the dam

3 sisters checking out the “skinny” on oxygen bars


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