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I met a prospective client at my yoga studio this morning.  She called to say she is ready to “finally get her yoga on” (not sure what she meant), but she wants to see the studio and meet the owner. Music to my ears as one of my very favorite things to do is show off my passion for yoga, the studio and my community.

Her name is Kate…she was delightful and came prepared with great questions.

  • What if I can’t do what the class is doing?
    • Don’t do it!  Modify, modify, modify
  • Will the teachers demonstrate poses?
    • Always and they will always encourage us to take a break in a resting pose if our body signals us to
  • Will the teachers speak a language I don’t know?
    • All of our teachers speak English…some will use the Sanskrit yoga pose name but will always say it in English too!
  • Do I have to chant?
    • NO!
  • What if I am late?
    • Enter quietly and respectfully.  If you are late, you probably need to be there.
  • What do I wear?
    • Comfortable clothing
  • What if I forget my mat
    • We have loaners – free of charge

Good questions, right?  I thought so.  In fact, she is probably the most prepared “prospect” I have “sold” the studio to.  I immediately liked her and appreciated her thoughtfulness as she begins her journey.

But what I really like more than Kate’s preparedness was when she said, “I love it that you are not perfect, and I hope you will take that as the compliment it is meant to be” as I attempted to demonstrate a balancing pose and toppled a bit.  Kate said that one of the things she was worried about in her search for a yoga studio was joining a community of “model-like” instructors and students who seem to be able to do any and every pose.

I reassured Kate that our client base is comprised of female and male middle-aged people, including me,  and we are all working toward a similar goal – to explore and find our best selves – through our yoga practice.  None of are perfect and more importantly, at least in our opinion, is the fact that none of us are looking for perfection.  What we are looking for is a way to slow down, breathe, gain balance and flexibility so that we can face our “mature” years with grace.

Kate shared with me that she had called one other studio who did not return her call and was planning on calling two others until today.  TODAY Kate felt an immediate connection to the studio and plans to join this week. More music to my ears!  When taking Kate’s information we discovered that, in addition to feeling instantly connected to the studio, her street name is my dad’s first name…talk about karma, right??

I am very happy to be seen as “not perfect” and will continue to strive for imperfection as I continue  my journey.




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