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I am not sure if I have a unique perspective, am the eternal optimist or am fortunate enough to be surrounded by beauty, but when I teach yoga all I see and feel is gratitude, trust and love.

Every class is filled with students who move me almost beyond words.  Their breath, their grace, their passion, their strength are palpable while I provide verbal cues for them to follow.  But little do they know that I am actually following them. That it is their presence and courage that evoke the passion that comes through in my teaching.

Last night and tonight I taught to a variety of ages, sizes, and abilities, but they all looked like angels to me.There is no way they could possibly know what I was seeing when I looked out at them. Even when I tried to describe what I saw to them, they looked at me as if to say,  “Us”?  “Me”?  “What”? “We’re just doing our thing here.”

But to me, it’s almost as if their inner selves come out and either practice along side of them or wraps around them, sort of like a shadow…very Peter Pan like. And they move in concert together even when their pace is not quite aligned….as if they carried each other through the class.

I have always loved teaching Yoga, since the very first time I stepped in front of my first class I was home.  That was in 2010 and my love and passion continue to grow.  I never get tired of it; never feel like it’s a job and always leave a class feeling complete, blessed and energized.  And I get in my car, all by myself, and smile a smile that dips right into my soul.

So when the students thank me for a great class,  I have a difficult time articulating that the thanks go to them and the pleasure is ALL mine. Last night one of my students said class was “scrumptious” (definition below).

scrump·tious  [skruhmp-shuhs] adjective very pleasing, especially to the senses; delectable; splendid….SIGH!

Bowing to my students, studio, and life.




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