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Thank you to our guest blogger, Julia King, for sharing her recent wedding, yoga, life challenge!

Some of you know that I made a little yoga shift in the months leading up to my recent wedding.

Well, in class I shared that Brian noticed I wasn’t practicing as much. I was not at my minimum of 3 full practices, 3 days a week. True…. (I always do a little yoga every day btw-).  I was more emotional and attached to things.  I was also less productive and more dis-organized.  I drank more coffee, and was more hectic.  My muscles and bones were tighter and scrunched together (at least I was still practicing a little which meant I wasn’t in pain), and while still joyful- did not reserve much for in my total-comfort-zone…. home.  Bless Brian’s heart for being the recipient of my frazzled often crabby homecomings.

Thank you Yoga…and Brian…bless your heart!

He mentioned that perhaps doing a little more yoga might do me some good. OF COURSE!… but if he notices,  that means my relationship to myself was more distant.  If that relationship isn’t solid, then guess what OTHER relationship gets to feel it. The one in my total-comfort-zone, Brian.

So three months before the wedding I decided to get back into my six-day-a-week full practices… that is: One hour to ninety minutes each day.  Ladies and gentlemen, life was much smoother. It was much more like butter. With the light of the wedding creasing up over the horizon, my planning and responsibilities grew. I banged out all tasks and delegated some with a laugh, a smile, and was on a high.  I was familiar with this high. I started teaching 7 years ago to remind myself to practice this much. This flow was important to me…. and still is. Life was much more a breeze.  I shared that often with you in class.
2 weeks before the wedding, what did I do? I cut way back in my practices….. back down to something here and there every day.  20 minutes maybe 30.. MAYBE a full practice or two tops. Since my teaching hours were/are during most class times, that meant I created my own home-grown practice most days. My brain deduced that all the time it took to throw in my own practice ate up way too much time.  Old habits die-hard and they were popping up all over the place. I grew more emotional and attached to things and to silly situations. Again, while my yoga students got my 100%, my relationship to myself grew more distant again and I truly felt pre-wedding stress for the first time. Therefore, Brian did too. Bless his heart….
To recap the situation: I had entered into this refresh in my yoga commitment months earlier.  When I started it was far enough away from the wedding that I didn’t have a ton to do- but when I stopped to practically nothing; the wedding was right in front of me and I had mega-deadlines and responsibilities beckoning to me each day, all day.   Now I finally  noticed the chaos. I noticed the storm.  I was no longer the calm center ignorant of its existence.  I had jumped out of my yoga and into the gale-force winds. I saw all the balls I was juggling floating in that gyro.  I was one of them…. and I wasn’t that fun to be around.  I maintained my yoga-teacher-high while there, but that was practically it.  While not a bride-zilla… I was Stress-Zilla. I don’t think the difference between what they are matters. It wasn’t fun.
The weekend before my wedding began with yoga, Thai yoga massage, and time with friends. Each day after- until it was time to head off- was a day of full practice.  Peace twinkled in my soul. My light was brighter and I was a graceful fiancée. I had bright intentions which were sent right into an enchanting wedding.  I found the calm center.  All of my relationships were sailing and so was I.
What you put into your life, you get out. I am aware of this even when I’m not on top of my game. I thank the gift of yoga for that awareness.  Is your mat calling to you?

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