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When I decided to ride my bike this morning, I tossed aside  all planned routes that I had ridden previously in favor of a “let’s see where my spokes take me” attitude.

Hubby and I started off together but a couple of miles in, the adventure was calling, so I peeled off to the right to answer the call.  It was a beautiful summer day in New England; dry, mid 70’s; blue sky;  slight breeze.

Before I realized it,  I found myself on the road that leads to my yoga studio.  I had been planning to ride there next Saturday, teach the 8:30 am class and ride back so perhaps the ride had been in he back of my mind for several days. None-the-less, a dry run seemed sensible.  And it was a super easy ride if ever there was one. Got there in 25 minutes; no hurry, no worry, enjoyed the scenery, weather, and the sound of fitness as I peddled – or was that heavy breathing as I tried to catch my breath – my way there.

Along the way I decided to find a different way back for two reasons.

  1. A different route would make the ride back more interesting and
  2. If the ride there was easy (a.k.a. mostly downhill) that could only mean one thing for the ride back….not so easy and up hill all the way.

Pine Grove Cemetery, Salem NH

In my quest to find a different route home, I randomly (are things really ever random??) took a route that brought me to the cemetery my Dad, brother and grandfather are buried. Upon arriving in front of my dad’s headstone, I received a text from my sisters about the health status of our Aunt who had been rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night with unusual heart activity.  Are things really ever random??

Another random decision took me past the lake house that  my now-deceased, ex-husband and I shared when our boys (now 36 and 38) were 2 and 4.  Lots of really wonderful memories.  By now I am beginning realize how mysterious life really is.  I honestly had not mapped out this route…I simply was lead in the direction.

Which way???

Come to a fork in the road –  left or right? Just as I am thinking right, a guy who looks like my husband goes cycling by  the other way.  Guess I’m going left.  Turns out it wasn’t my husband, but if he hadn’t ridden by at that moment in time I would have gone 7 – 10 miles out of my way….and I had been out for 1.5 hours already.

And that’s my ride today.  Threw caution to the wind and ended up connected to my family – past and present – in a way I couldn’t have imagined!

Never really paid that much attention to Madonna’s song, “Life Is A Mystery”, but haven’t been able to get the lyrics out of my head all day long.

Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home

Yep…Madonna rides too.


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