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This post is really about bike safety and my observations as I drive, ride a bike and/or walk/run through my neighborhood, which includes a beautiful 3 mile trail.

I see people of all ages and ability riding around without a helmet on.  I have one question:  WHY??

Now don’t misunderstand, I don’t consider myself the helmet police, but it just begs the question. WHY??

I once asked somebody I know really well.  Their answer?  I don’t ride that fast.  Huh… if the crashing of their head on the pavement results in less of an impact because they are going slow.  NOPE.

I see parents riding with their kids; the kids have on helmets, but the parents don’t.  WHY??  What do you expect your child to do if you go down hard enough to be rendered  unconscious?

I see the elderly riding without helmets – teetering on new, old or borrowed bikes; white knuckled and grimacing.  Do they think because they are on this nice, quite, country trail they won’t fall? fact a strong breeze or barking dog will startle them enough to take them down.

Young to middle age couples and weekend warriors – no helmets – indispensable, right?  NOT!

I really just don’t get it.

Are you a bike rider?  Do you wear a helmet?  If not, WHY??

I would love to be enlightened.

Again…not the helmet police, not a nosy neighbor, just somebody who really worries about what happens when these folks go down.

Whose fault will it be?  How much will it cost in medical bills?  Who will take care of the children???

What if he….. 



This makes SO much sense!

NOT being careful


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