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relax, reconnect and rediscover your true self; right here, right NOW!

relax, reconnect and rediscover your true self; right here, right NOW!

I had the honor and pleasure of teaching an Introduction to Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class today at my yoga studio in Salem NH.  There were 27 eager, nervous, and curious newbie’s on their mat’s. They came in all sizes, ability and enthusiasm levels, both genders and I couldn’t wait to see how they would respond.

I had 60-minutes to demonstrate to these brave folks how their breath moves the body, calms the mind, shines the spot light on their limitations and how it helps them meet and overcome these same limitations.

Once we started, we never looked back.  While some of them had that “deer in the headlights” look on their faces, most of them went with the breath and let it move them, many softened into the poses and witnessed their own miracle. Some smiled, some grimaced, some looked surprised they were there.  But every single one of the 27 completed the class. Through my eyes, they all looked longer and stronger, a bit more graceful, a tad more flexible and absolutely radiated – their lights were actually brighter.

The truth, they say, is in the pudding. My assistant and I both thought it went well.  After class, there were lots of questions, chatter, and many promises to return to the next 3 sessions.

No matter who or how many do return,  I am grateful for the opportunity to have taught them just one new thing about themselves and what their breath can do for them!





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