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“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad”

dadI was with one of my 5 sisters just the other night and a family friend of 38 years. We hadn’t seen each other for a bit and had a lot to catch up on. We talked about current events, what we have been up to, jobs, retirement, family and life.  Without realizing it our discussion turned to memories of my dad.

Our friend, Tony, knew my dad the entire 38 years he knew the family…heck…he was family.  So he had a great deal to contribute to the conversation.

We laughed and cried, recited stories from when we were kids until he drew his last breath in July of 1992. What we remembered most about this remarkable man was how much he loved his family and how much we all loved him back.  And he didn’t even try – he simply exuded energy that everybody felt and responded to.

I was instantly reminded of his presence at pretty much every single high school football game my boys played in.  Even toward the end of his illness, there he was in the stand.  A mainstay, getting to know everybody and everybody knew he was Ralph and Erik’s grandfather.  The other memory of the high school football years I remember is how, without the hesitation or embarrassment that so many other high school kids exhibited around family, both boys would walk off the field and flock to this great man for hugs and kisses.  As I write this the memory is vivid, and my heart feels as proud, full and warm right now as it did all of those years ago.

That was the kind of man Vic Pucci was.  And the legacy he left behind was evident during a military ceremony arranged by my mother in November 2012 when she initiated a transfer to a military cemetery in Florida so they would rest eternally together.

It was a perfect sunny day in Florida, his favorite place of all the places he lived; as if he ordered the weather himself, knowing we would all be there, together, to visit him. The ceremony, our first military experience, was  stunning and the honor being bestowed upon this man, our patriarch, was breathtaking.  As were the stories and memories we all shared at his grave site. The day continued at my brothers house, along with pictures and more remembering.  Laughing, crying, holding on and letting go.

My boys adored him then and now, they thought the sun rose and set with him and they aspired to be  like him. And they have.  They are both honest, hardworking, loving men filled with truth and integrity and I see so much of their grandfather in everything they do…as if he is woven into the fibers of their being. And they are great sons to their parents and we are proud of all they have become….following in the footsteps of my dad.



2 comments on ““Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad”

  1. Noreen
    January 12, 2013

    I loved the story, Barb! It made me laugh and it made me cry…recalling my own memories of your Dad. I see a lot of him in his grandchildren. He was a unique individual and I was blessed to know him and become a part of his family.

    • selfawakeningyogastudio
      January 12, 2013

      Thank you Noreen. He was something special and we all have a bit of him in us. I even see it in his great grandchildren who never had the privilege of knowing him. A true testament of the man he was.

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