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They say, “Home is where the heart is”, and we could not agree more.

Our home, Self Awakening Yoga Studio in Salem NH, is filled with heart, passion, grace, balance and community! All of which are palpable and made possible by the lovely clients who cross our threshold to practice yoga to learn about themselves from the inside out.

One such lovely client is Melody Soderberg who purchased our $30 for 30 day Introductory Offer. Connecting, breathing, growing and learning are only a few benefits that Meoldy is enjoying.

Learn more about Melody’s experience below. And then decide for yourself if yoga is something you should try!

When did you start yoga?

I committed to my yoga practice last May. I’m a dancer and have tried yoga here and there over the last several years.  However, it was in May, when I started taking classes a few times a week at Self Awakening, that I connected with more than just the movement. It has been the best stress and anxiety outlet that I’ve found.

Why did you decide to start yoga?

I was going through a big transition in my personal life and found that when I scheduled my “me” time, I actually found peace during a difficult situation.

What have you learned about yourself?

It’s all about the practice and not the perfect. I have started my journey towards complete self acceptance with this phrase. Julia mentioned it in one of my first classes at Self Awakening.

I can still improve my practice on the days when I’m in a funk. I don’t have to be spot-on to learn something new about myself on my mat.

Resting poses are your friend, especially on funky days. I can catch my breath and work on getting my smile back, because lastly…

A smile really makes my practice that much more enjoyable.

What is your favorite pose?

Tree pose – My “ta-da!” moment. I just picture the sun in my face when my heart opens, but at the same time, I feel so rooted and connected to enjoy the joyful present moment.

Mountain pose – A comfortable and strong pose in which I can really see where my mind is at during that practice.

The nature names are fitting to these poses because when I picture myself with the trees and mountains, I feel most alive. It transports me there faster than some of my most favorite books, screen savers, and framed postcards. Maybe I should start calling savasana my “beach pose” or “meadow pose”?

Why Self Awakening Yoga Studio?

Location. I work in Salem and found the studio by Google searching yoga near my work and was satisfied by the amount of helpful information on the website.

Schedule. The 6:00 time slot is perfect for right after work, and I can use the second class at 7:15pm for an even gentler experience when my mind just wont quit. You know how those rough days at work can go.

Great Teachers.Lively personalities, no pressure, practical and real people (not the soft-spoken or monotone yoga teacher that I had found at previous studios). They talk you through it, give lots of modifications, and motivate your mind to let go and embrace the moment – they create a loving, non-judgmental atmosphere

Would you recommend Self Awakening Yoga Studio to others without reservation?

Of course – and I have and will continue to do so. My first class was with Julia and now that I’ve taken classes with most of the other teachers too, I try to make sure to recommend the best teacher for each of my friends to start out with – depending on their personality.

What I usually say: “give yourself at least three classes with the same teacher” the first class can be overwhelming for anyone just because its new and unknown. Once you build some familiarity with the studio, the teacher, and your practice, you can start to customize it to understand what benefits you get out of it, and this studio is great for just that… modifiying your poses to how your body feels that day and customizing our practice for you so you can meet your intention that you set for yourself that day.

 What would you like the readers to know about your yoga experience?

People commit to a yoga practice for many reasons. I came for mental clarity and self-love. It has been my therapy, helping with my anxieties and ever-thinking mind. If you want a workout, you’ll certainly find that here, however, I am in such a better state of mind about life since I became a Self-Awakened yogi.

Tap into the breath and energy of others...leave your for those to come.

Tap into the breath and energy of others…leave yours for those who come after you.


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