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When I woke up this Monday morning, my first thought was, UGH…work!  My next thought was, smile, be thankful you are awake, be grateful you have a job to sustain the life you have chosen for yourself, and appreciate the fact that you can step out of bed, face a new day and walk witchakrah the pup!

And grateful as I am, there was a part of me that was holding back this morning.  That internal voice that says, yeah, yeah, yeah….or maybe it was blah, blah, blah? I just wasn’t feeling it 100%.  It was very simple….I did not want to leave my husband and dog, my home, my nook, my most favorite place EVER, to go to a day job that I tolerate – even though I intellectually understand without the job, the rest would not be so fabulous.

So….with some urging from the pup, I laced up my new kicks, filled his treat bag and headed out for our 2-mile morning walk.  We do this Mon – Fri, rain or shine.  And we both love it.  There just are some days when he loves it more than I do.  And this morning was one of those days.

Out I went, wearing a form that resembled my granddaughter Isabela’s “tired walk” when she was 6 or 7.  Dragging my feet, sort of rounded through the shoulders, eyes down and just a bit grumpy.   The pup, on the other hand, was romping and frolicking and thrilled to be going for our walk, knowing he would get a treat along the way!  I, however, wasn’t expecting a treat today.

One of our rituals….well, it’s actually my ritual, is my morning chant.  Every single morning I chant Aham Prema, out loud, 108 times.  And although the pup doesn’t know it’s meaning, which is I Am Divine Love, I can tell he feels it.  Don’t ask how I know….I just do.

Anyway….this morning, not even my daily chant seemed to provide the lightness, alignment and appreciation for a new day that I  always enjoy on our walk. And in the process of wondering what was so different this morning, I realized, quite imperceptibly, that my posture had changed.  All of a sudden, my Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha energy locks slid into place, and with them, my scapulae were shifting up, toward each other and sliding down my back.  Crown of head reaching for the sky and most important… heart was leading the way.

No more rounded shoulders, eyes down, dragging my feet.  My Sahasrara, Ajna,  Vishudha, Anahata and Manipura Chakras lined up.  I could visualize them and heard the whispers from top to bottom saying, I think it, I see it, I speak it, I feel it, and I trust it!!

aham premaI literally had a bounce to my step, a smile on my face and a softness for the day ahead.  I did get my treat after all!!

My heart was leading the way!






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