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motherdaughter-yogaOne of our youngest yoga students who comes to practice 2 – 3 per week with her mother approached me after class last week to share an off the mat story.

She told me that she and her mom were on an adventure and my name and yoga came up.  They were canoeing and mom rocked the boat so much that she tipped it over!

When I asked why my name and yoga came up, she replied, “Because obviously Mom has to work on her balance more in class!”  She felt that if Mom were in the present moment with breath and focus the boat would not have tipped over.

I asked if she was scared at any time and her reply was, “No!  I’m fearless and a strong swimmer, but I am not sure what will come of Mom if she doesn’t pay more attention to your words and suggestions about peace, focus and balance on her mat!

Out of the mouths of babes…..she is 12!  Often, our best teachers!

Aham Prema!

canoe tipped


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