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Mist In Da Hood!

Mist In Da Hood!

As Gunner, my trusty sidekick and best friend, and I woke to yet another Monday morning walk, we were both a bit grumpy.

Not only did we have to leave the cocoon of our very happy place, but it was dreary, misty, cloudy….just plain yucky! As if Monday’s don’t challenge us enough.

So, we set off for our two miles, both sort of dragging our feet, looking down, wondering how and why Monday arrives so quickly; not aware of our surroundings or the blessings that we have.

Even his sniffing seemed half hearted this morning…as did my morning Aham Prema (I Am Divine Light) chant. I chant these two words 108 times,out loud, every single morning but this morning was a bit muted. Until I got to my 54th chant..half way through.

Something drew my vision upward and as my voice got louder, my intention got deeper, and the dreary, misty, cloudy…just plain yucky morning began to transform before my very eyes.

I would love to write a nice, romantic description that the sky brightened, the clouds parted and the sun shined directly on the two of us, but alas, that did not happen.

What did happen is I noticed my surroundings, was reminded of my blessings…you know, the blessing to have the ability to get up and walk every morning; the blessing of my trusty sidekick and best friend; the blessing of having a job to go to….and a life, well….simply blessed PERIOD!

And then I looked up….where you look, you will go. And where I went was straight into a day filled with lightness, love and the reminder that blessings are often forgotten or disguised.

Aham Prema!


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