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The early years!

If you have ever met me in person, or spoken with me on the phone, you know I have a very DEEP voice. Some say Tallulah Bankhead ish, sexy, mysterious, different, surprising, on the phone I am often mistaken for a male…usually my husband!

When I was in the first grade in Chicago at St. Dennis School (yep..Catholic School..need I say more?) we sang every morning…and MAN did I LOVE to sing. And I imagined I looked something like the photo above, sans hairbrush but, that cute (don’t we all think we are cute in the 1st grade??), with that gleeful smile in my cute little Catholic school uniform.

And I sang to beat the band, in fact, I could NOT wait to sing. However, my voice was so deep that the nuns, god bless their hearts, asked me to mouth the words so I wouldn’t throw everybody else off-key.  Wait…wha???? Were they kidding?? Couldn’t they hear the passion, joy and vibration I was emitting? Apparently not because a different star was born….a lip syncer!

Fast forward to being a mom and not to be deterred, I would sing (no more lip syncing for me!) the baby(s) lullaby’s to settle them down. And I still LOVED singing, even stop singingmore with such a precious audience and nobody to say STOP. I would sing traditional lullaby’s, contemporary music, you name it..I SANG! And the baby’s would cry…true story….see picture to the right. What’s a mom to do, but go back to lip syncing, right? I considered voice lessons because I really LOVED to sing…I mean belt out a tune, but time and money were not on my side. And then the babes grew and life beckoned and the voice lessons fell by the side.

Unconditional love!

Unconditional love!


BUT, never one to give up,  I haven’t stopped singing. I was recently introduced to chanting by a wonderful, soulful man and I will be forever grateful to him. I chant 108 repetitions, out loud, every morning when I walk my pup! What a way to start the day…set my intention and then watch it all unfold! And, believe it or not,  he doesn’t cry or bark or try to run away. It’s quite the opposite, he actually seems to like it. Finally!!! Somebody (yes, he’s a person to me) who appreciates my passion and love of singing.  Or, he knows there’s always another treat!


Taking it a step further, I teach yoga and have started chanting Ohm 3x at the beginning and end of class – even if it’s just me. Talk about courage!! And I sing a little diddy (it’s really a chant) to awaken the class from savasana (final relaxation). Now, I am no fool and am convinced that my voice is no easier on the ears now, than in Catholic School or as a young mom, but the passion, joy and vibration have continued to grow and deepen and I hope that this new audience can “hear” past my voice to tap into my LOVE of sharing this with them.  Or at a minimum…..keep coming back.

Namaste’sterling black and white


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