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About Self Awakening Yoga Studio

relax, reconnect and rediscover your true self…

Stepping into Self Awakening Yoga Studio is like entering a calm oasis in your busy life — a place where you can work at…bringing balance to life…your life

What makes us different?  Why should you begin, continue or restart your journey with us?

Because we remember what it’s like to join a new community and to start a new venture for the first time; so we introduce you to fellow yogis’,  walk you through the studio, ask/answer questions, show what blocks are used for and do everything we can to make you feel just like you have been invited to our home for dinner!

We encourage YOU to listen to your true self; to follow your breath’s pace; to breathe in the peace and calm of those that have come before YOU and to leave the same for those who will come after YOU.

We listen to what YOU want and need; add classes that YOU ask for; and pride ourselves in making the experience all about YOU.

We will offer a variety of sequences, taught by a variety of teachers, but we teach with the beginner in mind AND we only offer yoga!

We are just a breath away.


Barbara Sterling,
Studio Owner and Yoga Practitioner since 2004

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:



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