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This New England winter has been tough! Heck…just this past month has been tough, right?

A winter like this can force us to wish away 3 – 6 months of our lives, as we look forward to May, June and July; post pictures on the beach, the lake, in the yard…..rushing to board an airplane to a warmer destination… be anywhere but HERE.

And a winter like thsnowman yogais has the potential to raise the depths of our angst and anger. To challenge the most centered among us, essentially snowing all over our coping tools.

We get on each others nerves; lose patience with the kids; raise our fists in heavy traffic; focusing primarily on the snow, the stress, the negative.

What if, instead of wishing away time we will never get back, we live in the moment? We take a moment to shift, reflect, laugh, love, breathe, appreciate the positivity in our lives…..and remember…’s only a season and it will end. Just like the seasons we are running toward in our minds and hearts….wishing away time we will never get back.

I know it’s hard….I’m here, but I invite you to stay the course…be present, live life – we all know how fleeting it can be…make every moment, every breath, every season count!



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